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Where is the best place to buy a property in Turkey?

by Yusuf Boz

If you consider investing in real estate in a foreign country, you should have seen information about how Turkey is one of the best places to invest. With smart decisions and, of course, with an excellent real estate business, you can achieve all of your long-term investment goals in Turkey. You should also decide where to buy a property and what is the best investment in Turkey.

As PropertyTR, we aim to introduce our customers to the best available plans and properties for their goals. We know what we do since we are in the real estate business for over ten years, and we are more than happy to share our information and experience with you. There are some strategic places in Turkey that can be described as the best places to buy property.

What is the best investment in Turkey? – Buy a Property in Turkey

Most people interested in investing in Turkey are wondering what the best investment is can possibly be in Turkey. Real estate is one of the greatest investments, as mentioned earlier. The answer to this question may change according to investment plans and goals, yet there are some regions that can be classified as the best investments in Turkey.


When it comes to deciding where the best place is to buy property in Turkey, Istanbul should definitely be on your list. Istanbul is a metropolis with great cultural diversity, and there is everything for everyone. Istanbul is one of the best investment ideas in Turkey, if not the best, without a doubt.

Best place to buy property in Istanbul

There is no specific answer to this question since Istanbul is a very rich city and every single region has the potential to give your long-term investment goal. However, there are some popular regions such as Beşiktaş, Levent, Bebek, and Şişli. One should always keep in mind that popularity is not always the answer when it comes to Istanbul, and other areas such as Kağıthane, Bahçeşehir, and Sarıyer can also give what you need depending on your goals.


Another wonderful option to invest in Turkey would be Antalya. Antalya is one of the most touristic cities in Turkey, which makes it one of the best places to buy property. There are all kinds of properties in Antalya, and it would be easy to find the one that is most suitable for you easily. The lifestyle of Antalya is very relaxed and modern, which is a contributor to it being one of the best places to buy property in Turkey. Antalya is a great place to invest in real estate with all the natural beauties and tourist attractions.

Buy a property in Turkey - Antalya
Buy a property in Turkey – Antalya


Muğla is another tourist destination in Turkey that is beloved and popular among both Turkish locals and foreigners. Just like Antalya and Istanbul, there are many opportunities in Muğla, and it can be very good for every investment plan that one can have in mind. Muğla is a city that never gets old and out of style, which means that there is a good chance of a beautiful return profit given the investment you are planning to make. There are many natural beauties in Muğla, and the city is very much modern and livable. You can find the most excellent properties with the best location you can find in Muğla. It is definitely a place that you should consider.

buy a property in Turkey - Mugla
buy a property in Turkey – Mugla


Bursa is a developing city for many years, and it is known for how modern and relaxed the lifestyle is there. The industrial activities in Bursa never stop, and the city keeps growing as each day passes, which makes it perfect for all investment plans. Additionally, the location of Bursa is a great bonus when it comes to investment. Bursa is very close to Istanbul, the most popular and crowded city in Turkey. Besides, you can find very affordable properties in Bursa.

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With the industrial growth, nature, and the excellent lifestyle combined, Bursa should definitely be on your consideration list when it comes to buying property in Turkey. You do not need to have millions of dollars to invest in Bursa to make a good annual rental income. It is a popular city, and tourists love it.

Which one to choose?

If you are still confused about which city to choose for your investment plan, you can send the contact form, and we will call you. You can reach us with one click, and we can talk about the details and plans. It is that easy. Explore more about the cheapest property options in Turkey!

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