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Is Turkey a Good Place To Live?

by Yusuf Boz

Turkey, which is one of the most preferred countries for property investment internationally, draws attention as a secular, modern and free country that blends European culture with Eastern culture. So, is Turkey a good place to live? There are several different reasons why many foreigners prefer this country to live and invest:

  1. The exchange rate makes living here quite easy for many European countries. Even access to luxury options is possible with a moderate salary. This causes destinations such as Bodrum, Fethiye and Marmaris to be preferred by retired foreign individuals for property investment and living.
  2. The general nationality diversity in the country offers the opportunity to live comfortably and freely in different parts of the country without being exposed to racism. Turkey is a very rich place in this respect.
  3. The number of foreigners who have residence permits in this country is increasing every year. According to the statement made by The Ministry of Interior Directorate General of Migration Management, the number of foreign nationals holding residence permit exceeded 1,166,000 in 2021. This number consists of students, business people and individuals who need to be in the country for a short time.
  4. Thanks to the developing real estate sector, a property to be purchased from this country remains a valuable investment even if you stop living here. Especially luxury investment options in Istanbul and villa options in coastal areas such as Bodrum and Marmaris promise great potential.

Is Turkey a Good Place To Live?: Best Advantages of Living in Turkey

So, Is Turkey a Good Place To Live? Living in Turkey can be very advantageous in more than one way. That’s why we wanted to present you the advantages that you should consider in the process of making your property investment here and applying for a residence permit or citizenship, under headings. Let’s start if you wish.

 Is Turkey a Good Place To Live?
Is Turkey a Good Place To Live?

Your Money Is Valuable Here

Did you know that Turkish citizens can receive basic health services comprehensively and completely free of charge? In addition, you never have to be afraid of prices when shopping for fruits and vegetables weekly in this country where agriculture is highly developed. Although the tax rate it receives is high compared to many countries, when calculated in Euro, the council task in this country is only between 5 and 10 Euros. While your monthly water cost is 2 Euros, your monthly electricity cost will not exceed 10 Euros. It is really advantageous to earn money in foreign currency and spend it here in TL.

Buying Home is Easy!

We, as Property TR, are ready to help you make a reliable and advantageous investment in your housing purchase process. Did you know that thanks to the impressive legal procedure of Turkey, you can get Turkish citizenship if you buy 250,000 USD worth of property from a Turkish person in the country? Yes, it’s that simple! Even if you do not want to obtain citizenship directly, you can buy really nice houses for as little as 15 – 20 thousand Euros, and you can buy a property where you can live a luxury life for 50 thousand Euros. Moreover, the development of the real estate sector will enable your house to gain value every year.

Advanced Network of Healthcare Services

Turkey is especially popular all over Europe for one feature: free healthcare. Every individual born in this country can benefit from free vaccinations, doctor checkups, surgeries, and more detailed health services offered by the state. Even a root canal treatment for your teeth can be performed completely free of charge at State Hospitals. Of course, this is valid for Turkish Citizens.

Advanced Network of Healthcare Services
Advanced Network of Healthcare Services

Did you know that in addition to the availability of free health services, there is a health center in almost every small neighborhood in this country, thanks to private hospitals, polyclinics, pharmacies, clinics, health centers? You can contact your family doctor directly and enjoy an accessible service at the health centers that are within walking distance of your living area.

Always Enjoyable: Climate

Turkey is an extremely colorful country where you can experience four different seasons in a single year. The pleasant summer months when you go to the seaside, the winter months, autumn and spring when you go to Palandöken for a ski holiday. We think that you will really enjoy having an experience intertwined with nature in this fertile land.

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