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Bebek Istanbul apartments for sale: Why To Choose Bebek for Investment?

by Yusuf Boz

If you want to make a property investment in an advantageous area of Istanbul, but you haven’t selected a district yet, you can get detailed information about Bebek in Beşiktaş in this content. In the continuation of this article, we examined the housing options in Bebek and the real estate housing value increase graphs in Bebek. Also, don’t forget to visit Property TR to review investment options and learn about property investment and Turkish citizenship!

Getting to Know Bebek: Having Property Investment, Having a Lifestyle

Bebek, one of the fastest-growing regions in annual, quarterly, and five-year change charts, is located in one of the fun and secular districts of Istanbul. Beşiktaş is the name of the central, young, and vibrant district, including Bebek. Current luxury villa projects, modern penthouse projects, and much more are located in Beşiktaş. Bebek, on the other hand, is a place where mansions and unique apartments with Bosphorus views are popular, as it is located on the coastline.

Bebek Istanbul
Bebek Istanbul

Although most of the individuals living in this region travel by private vehicle, it is possible to provide public transportation from here to Fatih and Aksaray regions with many options such as metro, tram, and bus. Istanbul’s extensive taxi network is also very accessible here. The area is rich in nightclubs, restaurants, markets, and other public places.

Beneficial Statistical Information About Real Estate Market in Bebek, Besiktas, Istanbul

Let’s take a look at some useful statistics together:

  1. When we look at the housing options in sale in Istanbul, it is remarkable that the real estate housing values ​​have increased by about 3 percent even in the last month. Currently, the increase is 0.01 percent in Bebek district. The housing price per square meter in this small neighborhood is estimated at approximately 70.000 TL. The depreciation period of a standard house can be up to 40 years.
  2. The main reason for the increase in the recommended average depreciation period in the region is the rapid increase in the prices of the houses for sale due to the flashy lifestyle and location. It is expected that the rental income in the region will increase and the amortization period will shorten in the coming periods.
  3. If those who want to make property investments in Turkey in 2021 choose Bebek, they can pay a fee between 5,249,555 TL and 8,749,300 TL for a 100 square meter residence. A residence of more than $250,000 from here can help you become a Turkish citizen and enjoy many benefits.
  4. Bebek attracts the attention of many people who come to Turkey from abroad with its high level of change and quality of life in recent years. In the last three years, the real estate housing market here has increased by 71.3 percent. This rate was determined as 192.8 percent for five years. The region draws attention as an impressive area that promises real profit for those considering property investment.

Bebek District History, Lifestyle and Culture

While browsing photos of impressive properties in Istanbul, you may have come across unique mansions and beachfront properties. Most of them are located in Bebek. Since the Ottoman Empire, these lands have been the center of luxury, splendor, and rich life. While the empire was still alive, this place was frequented by the sultans. While walking by the sea in the region, you can feel that you are breathing the history and the present at the same time with the fortification walls rising on your right.

Bebek Istanbul apartments and Property Investment
Bebek Istanbul apartments and Property Investment

One of the most striking areas in Bebek is the yacht marina. If you want to live a luxurious life in Istanbul, you can buy a house close to the marina here, and after having a pleasant time in the fish restaurants, you can go to the sea on a summer evening. Moreover, Bebek has promenade areas that are very rich in terms of green areas.

Other important destinations that make Bebek a touristic spot are as follows:

  1. Asian museum
  2. Baby Coast
  3. High-class Restaurants
  4. Ayazma Park
  5. Bahcesehir Private University
  6. Bogazici University
  7. Universities and Schools (Private schools, including all education levels – a great option especially for those planning to live in a property)

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