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How much do you have to invest in Turkey to get citizenship?

by Yusuf Boz

Different countries have different citizenship policies. If you ever did research on how to be a Turkish citizen, you should have an encounter with the fact that you can be a Turkish citizen just by investing in Turkey. Additionally, you do not need to give up on your other citizenship while acquiring your Turkish citizenship. You can have both at the same time. Invest in Turkey now!

There is no just one strict way of obtaining Turkey citizenship with investment; there are multiple. If you are thinking of getting Turkish citizenship through investment, you should be knowledgeable about the processes. As PropertyTR, we can help you through this process, especially in the investment in real estate part. After you read this page thoroughly and learn more about the citizenship process, you can contact us with just one click or fill the contact form for us to call you.

Buying Property for Turkish Citizenship

One way of getting Turkish citizenship through investment is buying property. You can get Turkish citizenship just by investing in real estate. There are certain rules for this, of course. First, the property you are planning to buy should at least worth 250 thousand USD. This does not have to be one single property; you can buy multiple properties to reach 250 thousand USD, which would be very good for rental income.

The second essential point is the valuation. The valuation process must be conducted by a certified company that has all the regal rights to valuate properties. You should be careful while choosing the company that will conduct the valuation process. Expertise valuation typically costs 1500 Turkish liras for each property you are buying.

Buying Property for Turkish Citizenship
Buying Property for Turkish Citizenship

The next thing to consider would be when you bring the money to Turkey. The customer, or the bank, should not bring the money earlier than six months of the application. In other words, the money should be brought to Turkey in the last six months.

The next thing you need to be aware of is the citizenship status of the seller. If the seller of your property is not a Turkish citizen, your investment for Turkish citizenship would not be valid. You need to choose a Turkish citizen seller to buy property in Turkey for Turkish citizenship.

If you have a spouse and children, they can also be Turkish citizens through this property purchasing. Your spouse has the right to be a Turkish citizen just by the investment you will make, and so does your children under the age of 18.

How to have Turkish citizenship through property investment? Step by step

The citizenship process through investment might sound complicated for a foreigner, but it really is not. Here are the steps to have Turkish citizenship through property investment.

Decide on the property

The first and most clear step is deciding on the property. You should choose the right option for you, depending on your goals. There are two essential points that you must consider while deciding on the property:

  • The property or properties must be at least 250 thousand USD.
  • The seller must be a Turkish citizen.
Invest in Turkey - Choose a property
Invest in Turkey – Choose a property

Once those points are right, there will be no problem if you do the next steps right. It is highly recommended to consider your long-term goals while choosing the property as well. There are many choices in Turkey to choose from, and you can always contact us to choose the best option for your goals. Besides, there are cheap properties available as well, allowing you to buy multiple properties to reach 250 thousand USD.

Certificate of Conformity and Investor Resident Document

Within the 15 days, after you purchased your property (the duration may change), you should get the certificate of conformity. With the certificate of conformity, you can apply for an investor resident document. The investor resident document allows you to apply for Turkish citizenship, which will be processed around 15 days after your application.  You will need more documents to apply for Turkish citizenship, of course. Here are the documents you will need:

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  • Translation of your passport done by a sworn translator. Translated documents must be verified by the notary. For each member of the family, notary and translation can cost around 1400 TL.
  • Birth certificate
  • Photos
  • Marriage certificate

After your application, you just need to wait for the process. It typically takes around 45 days for Turkish citizenship to be processed. After it is processed, you can get your Turkish citizen ID.

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