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Rental Income Guaranteed Property in Turkey – What is It?

by Yusuf Boz

If you want to make an advantageous and profitable property investment, but have doubts about the income you will earn, we must say that there is a very advantageous house selling strategy in Turkey: houses with guaranteed rental income! These residences, which are offered by many reliable companies and are often included in new residence / villa projects, guarantee you to find tenants for a certain period of time. If you cannot find a tenant, the construction company agrees to pay you the agreed amount of rent. Risk-free investing has never been easier, has it? So, what is Rental Oncome Guaranteed Property in Turkey and how does it work? In this content, you will have the opportunity to examine everything you need to know about this type of real estate investment. If you’re ready, we’ll start right away!

What is Rental Income Guaranteed Property?

The new generation housing projects active in Turkey today manage to appeal to investors from abroad. Because these projects offer an impressive option for property buyers to earn a direct rental income: rent guarantee! These types of projects, which can be used by individuals who buy villas, apartments, or houses in Turkey, ensure that you are not without income if you cannot find a tenant for your house. Moreover, if you have bought a house in a good enough neighborhood, it is possible to resell the house for more than the value you bought after only three years.

What is Rental Income Guaranteed Property?
What is Rental Income Guaranteed Property?

So how does this usually work? Generally, construction companies make an agreement with real estate companies and offer an annual income guarantee to the customers of this real estate company at a certain rate of the total value of the house. This income guarantee, which varies between 4 and 6-7 percent per year, is processed if people cannot find a tenant and can generally be valid for up to 5 years. In certain cases, this period may be extended. Such campaigns are generally valid for projects made by certain construction companies. If you are in search of a property with guaranteed rental income in Istanbul or other popular cities of Turkey, you can contact Property TR to review active projects with this campaign and have professionals manage all legal processes, including your Turkish citizenship or residence requests.

Getting Turkish Citizenship by Investing Rental Income Guaranteed Property

Did you know that by purchasing a rental income-guaranteed property, you can become a Turkish citizen and get an indefinite residence permit? Moreover, your citizenship will be valid for your spouse and children indefinitely. All you have to do for this is to promise not to sell the house for a certain period of time, to make sure that your investment in the house is worth 250,000 USD or more, to make sure that the house belongs to a Turkish company or individual. The company you work with takes care of other legal requirements!

Getting Turkish Citizenship by Investing Rental Income Guaranteed Property
Getting Turkish Citizenship by Investing Rental Income Guaranteed Property

In addition to investing through Property investment, it is possible to obtain Turkish citizenship through the following methods:

  1. Invest in the capital of the Turkish venture. But remember, this initiative has to be an official initiative approved by the Ministry of Industry and Technology. In order for the deposit you will open to gain Turkish citizenship, the amount must be at least 50,000 USD. The government bond or investment you buy must be inviolable for three years.
  2. Another thing you can do is open a business in Turkey. It is possible to obtain Turkish citizenship by creating at least 50 different jobs and committing to make them untouchable for 3 years. However, in this case, you need to get approval from the Ministry of Labor and Social Security.

While the above two options are a bit more complicated and involve higher risk, many equity holders often choose to buy the property and become Turkish citizenship in this way. If you want to take a look at the leading property investment options in the country, you can visit Property TR. Also, don’t forget to check out How to Buy a House in Turkey content to learn more about these topics.

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