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Where is the cheapest property in Turkey? – Cheap Real Estate Investment in Turkey

by Yusuf Boz

There can be many reasons to buy property in Turkey. One of the most popular reasons to buy property in Turkey is simply an investment. Investing in real estate in Turkey can be a very wise option to do. And the good thing is, you do not need to purchase property that is worth millions of dollars – actually, Turkey has cheaper options to offer to you.

As a PropertyTR team, our aim is to find the best option for you. If you are worried about the cost of real estate investment in Turkey and would like to invest in a relatively cheaper property, you can find what you need with our help. It is important to choose a professional agency that knows what they are doing. We are here to help you through the investment process in Turkey. You can fill the form at the end of this page for us to call you and get in touch with you.

Cheap real estate property in Turkey

It is a common mistake to think that you need to have millions of dollars in your pocket to invest in real estate in a foreign country. This is not true if you know where to look, and especially if you have a knowledgeable agent with you. It is important to note that the price range can be very different within cities. In other words, you can find cheap property in almost every city of Turkey, but they might not be a good investment idea. So, you need to be careful about price-performance proportions in each investment you made. The following is the list of places where you can find cheap real estate properties in Turkey.


One of the best options to choose when it comes to buying cheap property in Turkey is Trabzon. Data shows that the average cost of buying property in Trabzon is around 30 thousand USD. Keep in mind that this average cost includes the costly ones as well. There are also property options in Trabzon that are as cheap as 23 thousand USD.

Property in Turkey -  Trabzon
Property in Turkey – Trabzon

It would be an excellent idea to purchase cheap property in Trabzon for long-term investment. First of all, you will not economically suffer because of your investment. Second, there will be a good return rate given the affordability of your investment.


If the question on your mind is, “is Turkey cheap to buy a house?” the answer may depend, but not if you are looking for a property in Yalova. Yalova is a beautiful city that can be a good investment for you in the long term, and the prices are very affordable. Moreover, with the nature and the cozy atmosphere of Yalova, you can find yourself falling in love with the properties.

Yalova Property Options
Yalova Property Options

Besides, the location of Yalova is a great win for the investment opportunities since it is very close to Istanbul, the heart of Turkey. There are many options to choose from, and you can find property in Yalova that is as cheap as 24 thousand USD, which can bring you a good amount of rental income annually given the cheapness of the properties.


Another great option to find the cheapest property in Turkey is Bursa. Bursa has so many things to offer you, and it is a great way for long-term investment plans without a doubt. Bursa has considerable potential, and it is developing every single day. The lifestyle in Bursa is another plus for purchasing a cheap property since it has a very relaxed and modern population. The nature and other economic factors in Bursa are an opportunity that you would not want to miss, given affordable prices. You can find exceptional properties in Bursa with prices like 25 thousand USD. Besides, the annual economic feedback you will get will be more than satisfying for you.

cheapest property in Turkey - Bursa
cheapest property in Turkey – Bursa

Explore the best real estate investment options you may benefit from in Turkey!

Other regions to find cheap property in Turkey

As PropertyTR, we aspire to introduce our customers to the most optimal option for their interest and budget. You can fill the contact form to talk about your requirements and the available options. Cheap properties in Turkey are not limited to those regions; there are so many more. Here are some other regions that you can find cheap properties to invest in.

  • Mediterranean Region: The great diversity and life conditions in the Mediterranean Region can be very much cheap and convenient.
  • Eastern Anatolia Region: Most of the cheapest properties in Turkey takes place in the Eastern Anatolia Region. With intelligent investment tactics, you can make huge profits.
  • Aegean Region: Like the Mediterranean Region, Aegean Region has so many things to offer you cost efficiency.

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