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Residence Permit and Citizenship Guide: Turkey Property

by Yusuf Boz

Buying property in a foreign country can be very beneficial for various reasons. It can be for investment purposes or anything else you have in mind. If you ever planned to buy a property in Turkey, or if you were looking for ways to get a citizenship or residence permit, you should have seen that there is a very convenient way for obtaining citizenship. Turkey allows foreigners to get citizenship through property purchasing. It might be a little bit frightening for foreigners to understand the process, but the thing is, it is not difficult at all.

Even though the process is simplified as much as it can get, you still need trustable sources and agencies to successfully complete your purchase and get residency or citizenship. As PropertyTR, our aim is to give you a smooth and easy process of purchasing property according to your goals and long-term investment plans.

Residence Permit in Turkey

If you are planning to stay in Turkey for a long time, a tourist visa would not be the optimal choice for you. Instead, you should consider getting a residence permit. There can be various reasons for you to need a residence permit. Just like the citizenship process, the residence permit process is simplified as much as it gets. But the thing is, it would not be as encouraged as citizenship. There can be some obstacles if you want to extend your permit for residence, so getting citizenship would be a better option.

Residence Permit in Turkey
Residence Permit in Turkey

With a residence permit, you can stay in Turkey for a long time as a foreigner. As you should already know, the residence permit is linked to housing. If you have a rental apartment agreement, you can and should start the residence permit process as soon as possible. If you do not want to struggle with the residence permit process, you can become a property owner to simplify the process as well.

How much is to have a permit for residence in Turkey?

If you have a rental agreement and want to apply for a permit for residence, you should know about the costs. To have a one-year permit for residence costs 568 Turkish liras, which is the sum of the state fee and the card fee. However, this amount may change according to your homeland, and you can have detailed information through the official migration service website.

What are the necessary documents to have a residence permit in Turkey?

As in every other legal process, you need to provide some valid documents to provide to the Turkish government to be able to have a permit for residence. The following documents are necessary to have a permit for residence in Turkey:

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  • Three biometric pictures
  • Medical insurance
  • Document (receipt) of your payment on a residence fee
  • Notarized apartment rental agreement (tapu)
  • Individual tax number
  • Translation of the passport (notary verified)

Another detail you should keep in mind is income stability. It is not mandatory, but the migration service has all rights to question your income stability. Hence, they can ask for legal proof of your income stability. If they ask about your income stability, you need to provide a financial statement document. In your financial statement document, you should prove that you have a minimum of five hundred dollars monthly for each person that is applying for the permit for residence.

Getting Turkish citizenship through property purchasing

You can get Turkish citizenship just by buying a property in Turkey. Some countries are not allowed to buy property in Turkey, including Syria, North Korea, Armenia, Nigeria, and Cuba. If you are from any other country, you can purchase property in Turkey.

Getting Turkish citizenship through property purchasing
Getting Turkish citizenship through property purchasing

Once you buy a property that is worth 250 thousand dollars, you would have the right to apply for citizenship in Turkey. This does not have to be one property that is worth 250 thousand dollars. Instead, you can buy multiple properties that would be 250 thousand dollars in total.

There are some other details to note about Turkish citizenship through property purchasing. One mandatory requirement is that you would not be able to sell the property for at least 36 months. If you are applying as a family, the property you buy will provide Turkish citizenship for your spouse and all of your children under 18.

The application typically takes about three to four months. During your application, you would not need to provide any kind of Turkish knowledge. You will need a certificate of eligibility and a residence permit. After you provide all the necessary documents, you can apply for Turkish citizenship.

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