Kadikoy, Istanbul: Things to do, Accommodation, and More!

by Yusuf Boz

Kadikoy is one f the most popular districts of Istanbul in the Asian continent. If you would like to discover the Asian side of Istanbul, Kadikoy is a significantly attractive district. You will be able to find numerous activities and events, must-see places, and top-rated restaurants during your vacation. While you can visit historical and religious places in the morning, you can also meet with the nightlife of Kadikoy.

Kadikoy is usually a preferred place by the young population and students. While you will be able to experience countless things in there, we prepared a guide where to see, where to stay, where to eat in Kadikoy, and also the nightlife of Kadikoy at the same time. Let’s look at more detailed information about the impressive city of the Asian side of Istanbul.

Top Things to Do in Kadikoy Istanbul

When you visit this place, you will feel the impressive atmosphere in less than a second. While you will be able to discover various things during your holiday, there are also some places that you need to visit. You can plan your day according to the places that you would like to see. The place has numerous pubs, restaurants, art galleries, historical places, and many other places that you can explore during the day.

Kadikoy Square, Moda, Fenerbahce Kalamis & Bahariye Street

If you would like to feel the atmosphere of the Asian side of Istanbul, you need to visit Kadikoy Square, Moda, Fenerbahce Kalamis, and Bahariye Street at the same time. You can directly walk in 15 minutes from Kadikoy to Moda and you can also discover the unique places in Fenerbahce Kalamis and Bahariye Street which are significantly popular.

Kadikoy Square
Kadikoy Square

Bagdat Aveneu (Bagdat Street)

Discover the 14 km long street which is one of the most popular shopping streets in Istanbul. You will be to find countless shops, restaurants, and cafes through Bagdat Street. If you would like to experience luxury shopping on the Asian side of Istanbul, you shouldn’t miss Bagdat Street.

Haydarpasa Railway Station & Pier

If you would like to see a stunning landmark, you need to visit Haydarpasa Railway Station by ferry. Every year thousands of tourists visit the Haydarpasa Railway Station and Pier.

Ayia Efimia Greek Orthodox Church

You will be able to visit the Ayia Efimia Greek Orthodox Church in the Kadikoy Market if you would like to visit religious and historical places in the Kadikoy district of Istanbul.

Kadikoy Pazari

You can catch the Kadikoy Pazari on Tuesdays and you can find various clothes, souvenirs, foods and many different things that you might be interested in. You can reach the Kadikoy Pazari by walking the center of the district in 10-15 mins.

Street Market
Street Market

Sureyya Opera House

The Sureyya Opera House is located in Bahariye Street. If you would like to have an unforgettable time, you can try to catch a show in the opera house if you have enough time to visit.

Best Restaurants in Kadikoy-Moda

You will enjoy every second of your meal in restaurants around there. You will have many different opportunities to try various food in the best restaurants in Kadikoy-Moda. You will never be able to feel hungry because you will find a wide range of restaurants and cafes on Bahariye Street and Moda. You can see some of the popular restaurants below:

  • Mythos
  • Aida Vino e Cucina
  • Bonkis
  • Samatyali Moda Meyhanesi
  • Brasserie Noir
  • Ciya Sofrasi
Samatyali Moda Meyhanesi
Samatyali Moda Meyhanesi

Nightlife of Kadikoy

While the young and student population is significantly high, you will meet with an outstanding Kadikoy Nightlife. You will be able to find numerous pubs and bars which can appeal to every style. While you can enjoy the live music, you can also prefer bars to spend your night. Bar Street is extremely popular and it is also known as Kadife Street as well. If you would like to experience the nightlife of the place, you can prefer Bar Street at the same time.

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Accommodation Options: Where to Stay?

You will be able to find many different hotels, Moda Istanbul apartments, and other accommodation options in Kadikoy. You can directly check the hotels online before you travel to Istanbul and evaluate the options according to the demand that you would like. You can also look at the Kadikoy map and decide on the 5 stars hotels according to the location as well. You can read the reviews and the comments about the hotels that you would like to stay.

Explore the best and advantageous housing options you may find in Kadiköy, Istanbul!

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