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Bebek, Istanbul: Trendy Village with Excellent Destinations

by Yusuf Boz

Bebek is located in the European continent of Istanbul and it is significantly one of the most visited places in Istanbul as well. You can feel the stunning atmosphere of Istanbul in Bebek. You will be able to visit various popular places and discover the magnificent Bosphorus at the same time. If you would like to spend a few days here, we prepared a detailed guide for you. Let’s look at the details.

Enjoy the view of Bosphorus

The first thing that you can do is enjoy the impressive view of the Bosphorus if you are planning to spend a few days in Bebek. Every day, many people visit the districts in the Bosphorus to see the unique view. While you can prefer to walk at the seaside, you can also look at the Bosphorus cruise tours. You will be able to find numerous tours that you can spend an enjoyable time and explore the Bosphorus more.

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Bebek - Bosphorous View
Bebek – Bosphorous View

Explore the Districts near Bebek

You do not need to spend your whole time only in the Bebek Neighborhood. You can explore many different districts which are significantly close to Bebek. You will be able to find various things to do in also other districts. You can visit some of the unique and stunning areas which are located in the Bosphorus that you can see below.

Rumeli Fortress

While all of the areas which are on the Bosphorus side are special than each other, Rumeli Fortress is extremely close to Bebek. It is an open-air museum that you will feel the traces of history.


People usually spend time in Arnavutkoy on the weekends, in the summer evenings. While you will be impressed by the environment and the old houses, you can discover the most popular seafood restaurants in Arnavuykoy.


Kurucesme is also a popular area in the Bosphorus. You will be able to find various nightclubs, restaurants, and cafes in Kurucesme and it is also near Bebek and Arnavutkoy.


Ortakoy is also significantly close to our neightborhood. Especially in the morning, you will see many people who walk from Bebek to Ortakoy. You can spend time in Ortakoy and discover the neighborhoods at any time of the day. Ortakoy is also famous for Kumpir. You can prefer to have lunch in Ortakoy.


You will be able to find various shops, stores, pubs, restaurants, cafes in Besiktas. Usually, young people and students spend time in Besiktas because most of the universities are located around the Besiktas district of Istanbul. If you would like to discover Istanbul more, you can also easily visit the Asian side of Istanbul from Besiktas at the same time. There are many options for transportation to the Asian continent from Besiktas. You can prefer to visit Kadikoy directly. 

Discover the Exclusive Restaurants & Cafes in Bebek

While you can enjoy the beautiful neighborhood, you can also discover countless cafes and restaurants in there. You will be able to enjoy the view of the Bosphorus in almost every café and restaurant in Bebek because the most famous places are located directly near to the seaside.

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Visit the Bebek Park

If you would like to enjoy the environment, you can take a break at Bebek Park. You can walk through the park and also enjoy the view of the Bosphorus. If you are interested in photography, you will be able to take incredible pictures on the Bebek side.

Bebek Park
Bebek Park

Have a Shopping Experience in Bebek

You will be able to find various stores which are international in the shopping centers here. If you would like to have a luxurious shopping experience, you can spend time at the fashion stores here. You will be able to find clothes, shoes, bags, accessories and many different luxurious options in the shopping malls as well.  

Luxury Hotels in Bebek, Istanbul

Are you ready to feel the luxurious life of Istanbul? You will be able to stay in the best hotels here while you will be able to feel the atmosphere of the Bosphorus. While you can find hotels in the other neighborhoods in Bebek, you can also look at the other districts which are close to Bebek at the same time.

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