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Buy a House in Turkey Popular Locations: Bodrum, Fethiye, Istanbul, Antalya

by Yusuf Boz

If you are planning to buy a house in Turkey, you should be considering some important detail about the house you will choose. One of the most important details will most probably be the location of the house. Turkey is a country that has wonderful location options, and it might be challenging to choose from various options. For this reason, you should be knowledgeable about the popular locations to buy a house in Turkey to see what your expectations can be. Once you find the one that meets your expectations, you can start the purchasing process if you would like.

It is crucial to have a reliable real estate business to complete purchasing steps in Turkey. Our aim as PropertyTR is to provide the best and most straightforward service for international investors. No matter what your goals are while purchasing a house in Turkey, we are here to make sure that everything goes smoothly with our expert team and good service.

What are the most popular locations to buy a house in Turkey?

Your choice of location is more important than you think it is. If you are purchasing a house in Turkey for investment purposes, the location plays a crucial role since those people who will want to rent it will also be interested in the location. If you want to buy a house for citizenship, this means that the house will be with you for at least 36 months due to legal regulations in Turkey. You would not want to live in a location that is not suitable for you, so you need to be careful even though you are buying the house for yourself. The following are some of the most popular locations to buy a house in Turkey.


Bodrum is one of the most popular tourist centers of Turkey if it’s not the most popular one. Bodrum has so many things to offer to all kinds of people, whether if it’s with its natural beauties, historic landmarks, and entertainment spots. There is a great range of housing types in Bodrum, meaning that you can find houses for different budgets. Additionally, real estate return rates are seemed to be increasing more each year, meaning that Bodrum can be a very good long-term investment.

Buy a House in Turkey: Bodrum
Buy a House in Turkey: Bodrum

Since Bodrum is a very touristic destination and attracts millions of tourists every year, it means that there is always a human flow. Bodrum is a perfect region regardless of the season, and many people love to live in Bodrum even in the wintertime.


Another touristic location in Turkey that is very popular to buy a house in is Fethiye. Fethiye is a place that is loved and frequently visited both by foreigners and Turkey locals. Besides, there is a wide range of property costs in Fethiye. In other words, anyone can find a house for their budget in Fethiye. In the long term, you can have awesome rental income profits through purchasing a house in Fethiye.

Buy a house in Turkey: Fethiye
Buy a house in Turkey: Fethiye


If you have even the littlest information about Turkey, there is little to no chance of you not knowing about Istanbul. Istanbul can be the most popular city in Turkey both for tourism and locals. Istanbul is a center for everything, which makes it the perfect fit for real estate investment and purchasing a house. Istanbul never gets old, and it is never out of style, meaning that you can have a good rental income just by investing in real estate in Istanbul.

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Additionally, since Istanbul is a place where all kinds of people from all cultures and socioeconomic statuses, there are houses for everyone and every budget; you can find super luxurious and unique houses as well as cheap and affordable ones. No matter what, it is very likely that you can reach your long-term investment goal by purchasing a house in Istanbul if you are strategic and know what to do.

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Another popular location to buy a house in Turkey is Antalya. Just like Bodrum and Fethiye, Antalya is one of the most popular touristic destinations in Turkey. Additionally, Antalya is a city that people love in general as well. In other words, Antalya is beloved as a tourism center, but it is so much more than that. This allows investors to buy a house in a wider range of locations within Antalya since it is a popular city itself. You can get a good annual rental income by buying a house in Antalya.

buying a house in Antalya
buying a house in Antalya

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