What to eat in Istanbul? The 5 Best Istanbul Street Food!

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Istanbul is not popular only with its historical and unique places, but also with its traditional and matchless street food at the same time. Food culture is significantly rich in Istanbul because there are traces of many civilizations and it is possible to find various street foods in Istanbul from other regions of Turkey as well. You will be able to taste the unique tastes of almost all cities of Turkey if you are planning to travel to Istanbul. Besides that, you will be able to find the super delicious street foods in almost every popular place in Istanbul!

Be ready to discover the most preferred street food in Istanbul right now because we prepared an amazing guide for you! Let’s look at the 5 best Istanbul street food!

Stuffed Mussels (Midye Dolma): An Extremely Unique Street Taste of Istanbul

Stuffed Mussels
Stuffed Mussels

You will be able to find stuffed mussels in almost all popular and touristic places in Istanbul. If you are on the European side of Istanbul, you can try them at Taksim Istiklal Street. You will see many street counters which sell stuffed mussels. Besides that, Besiktas is also a popular place for stuffed mussels at the same time.

The Size & Prices of the Stuffed Mussels

People usually prefer to eat it at night after drinking something. If you tried mussels before, you should know that the stuffed mussels are significantly different in Istanbul. There are sizes that you will be able to choose and the prices can be changeable between 0.50 and 3 Turkish Liras according to the size of the mussels. Usually, there are 3 different mussels on the street counters. Once you try a stuffed mussel, you will not be able to stop yourself again! Don’t forget to squeeze some lemon!

Sweet Corn (Misir): The One of the Most Popular Street Food

Sweet Corn (Misir)
Sweet Corn (Misir)

Another most preferred and popular street food is sweet corn that you will be able to find in almost all touristic and popular places in Istanbul. Especially in the summer season, you can see almost all people eating sweet corn. There are two types of sweet corn on the street counters that you can see below;

Boiled Sweet Corn: Boiled sweet corn is the most preferred type of corn in Istanbul. It is served with salt and also people can prefer to add extra spices on it in some of the counters at the same time. You will never forget the taste of the boiled sweet corn ever! 

Grilled Sweet Corn: Another type of corn is grilled sweet corn which is extremely delicious. While many people prefer boiled sweet corn, the grilled sweet corn has also a special taste for people! You will be able to find both boiled and grilled sweet corn on the street counter. You can prefer whichever you want. You need to know that you will never regret whatever your choice will be!

Chestnuts (Kestane): Nobody Can Guess That Chestnuts are That Much Delicious

Chestnuts (Kestane)
Chestnuts (Kestane)

Are you ready to discover delicious street food? While sweet corn is one of the most preferred food in the summer season, chestnuts are the best ones and the most preferred ones in the winter season! Especially at Istiklal Street, Taksim, you will be able to see numerous street counters throughout the street. It is possible to see many people who are eating chestnuts around! While you are walking through Istiklal Street, you will feel the amazing smell of the chestnuts. The prices are changeable according to the sizes of the chestnuts. You can choose small, medium or large sizes at the same time but even the large size will never be enough!

Baked Potato (Kumpir): Meet the Most Delicious Form of Potato

You will be able to meet the most delicious form of potatoes in Istanbul because Baked Potato or Kumpir is significantly one of the tastiest street food in Istanbul! There are numerous indigents that you will be able to add to your Kumpir! You can choose your best flavors and enjoy the delicious baked potato. You will be able to add corns, olives, sausages, salads, and countless indigents at the same time. The only thing that you should do is choose your best ones and add! You should know that Kumpir would be the best street food in your life! Besides that, Ortakoy and Taksim are popular with the Kumpir as well. If you are planning to travel to Istanbul, you can try Kumpir in Ortakoy.

Kebab (Doner): Discover the Symbolic Flavor of the Turkish Culture

Kebab Doner
Kebab Doner

While there are many kebab restaurants in Istanbul, it is also the street food in Istanbul. It is possible to find various street kebab counters at the same time! Everyone should try delicious kebabs once in life in Istanbul! While there are millions of kebab restaurants in the world, you will never regret trying it in Istanbul!

Other Unique Street Food that Everybody Must Taste in Istanbul & Street Food Culture of Istanbul  

Istanbul is an alive city! While there are numerous street food options in Istanbul, we listed only the 5 of them for you but you shouldn’t forget to try these bonus ones below as well!

  • Fish Sandwich
  • Gozleme
  • Sucuk Ekmek
  • Cigkofte
  • Turkish Rice (Pilav)
  • Kokorec
  • Simit
  • Pickle (Tursu)
  • Street Meatballs
  • Hamburger
  • Kagit Helva
  • Lokma
  • Ice-Cream

If you are planning to travel to Istanbul, you will never feel hungry! You will also want to try these impressive street foods! Istanbul has an extremely rich street food culture that you will not be able to stop yourself! Istanbul is a lively city every hour of the day and every day of the week. It is possible to find everything you want immediately almost everywhere. If you would like to eat Kokorec at night, you will be able to find many street counters in the popular places in Istanbul. It is time to experience the most delicious street food in Istanbul! You can discover it right now!

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